X ray inspection services


Sometimes is not affordable for customers to have a X ray inspection device on his own. They seldom need it, but as they do, deadlines and accuracy are critical. We get adapted to your punctual necessities of part inspection, we always provide the best in class at a competitive cost.

Technical expertise and testing


If you have questions about what X ray technology can do for you, please arrange a visit with us, take your parts with you and we will show you the advantages vs. other current techniques.

Installation and start up.


 Success is not only about design, production and dispatching on time, but to take care about every detail, to fulfil our customer expectations along the whole value chain. We will not stop until you feel satisfied with a ready to use equipment and your crew fully trained to use it.

Support service & Maintenance

 Despite its robustness, X rays equipments are built in a very sofisticated technology, and after the end of service life, some components need to be replaced. We have more than 12 years of expertise providers of X ray imaging components and integrations, we are also authorised distributors of Hamamatsu in Spain, one of the most important manufacturers of X ray tubes and detectors all over the world.


 Sometimes you already have an X ray old inspection device, but it has became outdated. Before acquiring a new equipment, call us for technical assesment. We are experts in software integrations to enhance image inspection