Radiography & Micro-CT

The computerized microtomography (micro-CT) allows us to reconstruct the internal structure of an object at high resolution (up to 1 micra) using X-rays and a high precision turning system. This technique creates cross sections of an object in 3D, which allows recreate images of the internal structures of objects non-destructively, being able to observe internal defects with very high detail.

Micro-CT Applications

Applications of this technique are very diverse, ranging from biomedicine, electronics, science materials, geology, etc. One of the applications of tomography is the analysis of the particle size in 3 dimensions. In the case of natural or artificial stone, you can observe the spatial distribution and numerically quantify the size of the particles of quartz. It allows us to quantify aspects such as porosity, detect the presence of cracks/defects or estimate the amount of this material between the particles of quartz.

An added advantage of microtomography is the possibility of transforming images in 3D CAD mesh, through which it is possible to calculate and simulate the virtual response of a product before making any real test.

In Novadep we also develop micro-CT software for each design, allowing you to acquire the microtomographies and turn them into 2D or 3D images.

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